The Coroner: Book Review

 By:Jennifer Graeser Dornbush

Emily left her hometown after the unfortunate death of her mother. Her father was and is the Coroner for this small town. When Emily was just 13 years old, she assisted in her first autopsy by her fathers’ side. That was just the beginning.  She went on to assist in hundreds of autopsies before she was 16 years old. Emily left her hometown because she felt that her father was hiding information about her mother’s accident and subsequent death.  

Emily is now in her third year of residency to become a surgeon. She is called home when her father has a massive heart attack.  When she arrives in town, she is stopped by the town sheriff, her ex-boyfriend, Nick. Nick brings her to the hospital in order to see her father. There has been a suspicious death in this sleepy town and due to his heart attack, the autopsy has not been done. Emily is talked into performing the autopsy by her father and Nick. Emily rules the death a murder.  She is finding that being back in her hometown is not as horrible as she imagined… The question remains, who killed the murder victim?

The book was good.  The author did a good job handling a macabre topic with aplomb. In the story Emily is engaged to another doctor and her time in her hometown allows her to see this relationship with new eyes.  Emily’s relationship with her father has been strained since her mother’s accident. I like how their relationship must go through awkwardness before it can be salvaged.  There was enough explanation of the autopsy process for a layperson to understand the medical jargon and stay engaged in the storyline. I will say the ending and capture of the murderer surprised me.  I did not guess the right culprit.  The ending seemed unfinished and felt like it was a set up for a sequel.  I did enjoy the story. There was enough romance and mystery to make it an enjoyable read.  It was also very clean with no sex scenes and only minor profanity.