The Lieutenant’s Bargain: Book Review

By: Regina Jennings

The Fort Reno Series

This is the second book in the series.  Jack is a Lieutenant at Fort Reno and he has been in love with Hattie since childhood. They grew up together and Jack tried desperately to impress Hattie whenever possible.  However, Hattie did not understand what Jack was trying to do.  Her perspective of Jack was not very favorable.  She felt he was a know-it-all that was always correcting her.

Now they are adults.  Hattie was on her way to the Rocky Mountains in order to improve her painting skills when her stagecoach was attacked.  She was the lone survivor.  The Arapaho Indians saved her from dying and sent word to the Fort to come and retrieve her.  Jack is the man sent to claim the women saved by the tribe and he is shocked to find Hattie, the woman he has always loved.  Jack wants to impress Hattie and requests the tribe turn her over in a ceremonial fashion.  They are thrilled to comply with his request.  Jack and Hattie do not understand the language and there are long reaching implications from the ceremony that neither one expected.  

This was a well-written romance.  The characters are realistic and have faults that make them more endearing to the readers. It is fun to see how Jack and Hattie interact as children and then as adults. Hattie learns a lot of lessons about herself and Jack.  This story does a great job describing the interactions between the Indian people and the American’s of that time period. It highlights the distrust between the two people groups. Jack and Hattie’s romance happens in stages and I like how the author allows their love to grow.  I also enjoyed the realistic way the author shows how Hattie struggles after being present for the attack.  This was a very clean story that was easy to read with a guaranteed happy ending.

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