The Patient One: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray

The Walnut Creek Series

They are called the Eight.  Eight best friends that are diverse and loyal to one another.  Some of the eight are Amish, some are Mennonite and others are English. Their friendship is not dependent on their religion, it is based on their connection and love for each other.  In this story, one of the eight, Andy, commits suicide.  This makes the remaining members of the Eight value each other more than ever.  Marie has been living in the city and she returns to Walnut Creek to be near the six remaining members of the group.  

Marie and John B. are members of the Eight and they have always had an attraction between them.  However, Marie is English, and John B. is Amish.  They will need to decide whether they can manage a future with their differences.  There is also a side romantic story between John B.’s sister Molly and a former classmate.  

I loved this story!  The author did an amazing job showing the love between the Eight and the romantic love between John B. and Marie.  The story also dealt with the grief and loss that is felt by the Eight and the community at large.  It was handled in a way that made the grief a real thing and the effects of that grief is long lasting.  The love stories were sweet and it was enjoyable to read how the relationships grew throughout the book.  I would recommend this story to anyone.  It was very well done, great character development and realistic handling of tough situations.  I can’t wait for the next book in the series!

There were no sex scenes or anything gruesome.  If you can not handle reading about suicide and the after effects, I would stay away from this story.

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