Odd Thomas: Book Review

Dean Koontz

This book follows a young man named Odd Thomas.  Odd lives up to his name because of his extraordinary supernatural gifts that make him an unusual man.  He can commune with the dead and he has a kind of psychic magnetism that allows him to find anyone just by thinking about them and wandering around. Odd has been having strange prophetic dreams. He is seeing some supernatural beings that lead him to believe that his small town is in for massive destructive event soon. He feels responsible for his town and he feels his gifts were given to him to make a difference in this world. Does Odd have what it takes to stop the mayhem?

I loved this book!  It has the perfect mix of humor and intrigue.  Odd is quirky and lovable.  You find yourself voting for Odd and hoping that he is successful stopping the impending disaster.  The book also has a sweet love story between Odd and his girlfriend Stormy.  The book tackles some macabre topics while maintaining the perfect amount of levity and humor.  I would recommend this book if you like a good mystery that includes romance and several laughs.  Excellent read!

If you are sensitive to the topic of mass shootings, you may want pass on this book.

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