BumbleBee: Movie Review

This is yet another transformers movie! This movie stars Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. The show starts with a teenage girl named Charlie who wants her own car. Her dad passed away and was helping her fix a car, but now that he’s gone she’s becoming frustrated with the project. She eventually finds BumbleBee in a junkyard and becomes his friend.

Essentially there was war on another planet and the Decepticons are searching for Optimus Prime in order to destroy him. BumbleBee was a part of this fight but his memory is damaged and he does not remember. BumbleBee escaped to earth where he lay dormant for some time.

This movie was alright. Despite what the back cover of the movie case says, it is not one of the best transformer movies. I thought they could have done a better job building the characters personalities and improving the plot line overall. The movie included a budding relationship in which she was not interested in until the end of the movie. I probably wouldn’t watch this movie again.

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