The Fever: Book Review

By: Megan Abbott

This book is a mystery.  It takes place in a small town that is known for its dead lake.  It alternates between the perspective of Deenie, her brother, Eli and her father.  A mysterious illness strikes several girls at the high school and the town goes into a panic.  Deenie has two best friends and when they become ill, everyone begins to wonder what is causing the girls to have seizures and end up in the hospital. The main suspects become: a super STI, the HPV immunization and the mysterious lake.  

I wasn’t crazy about this story.  It was a ton of lecture material on the HPV vaccine and putting ‘poison’ into our children’s veins.  There was way too much information about the teen girls wanting to have sex and losing their virginity.   The information about the ‘polluted’ lake is given equal ground as the other two topics.   The only good thing about the book is that after some of these young girls have sex, they have remorse and wish that they hadn’t.  I did not and could not have guessed at the culprit.  It was a total surprise for me.  It was hard to get around all the lecturing in the story.  It was a mystery and I couldn’t have guessed, so in that respect it did its job.  There was just too much.  I wouldn’t want my girls to read this.  The girls giving themselves to strangers, worrying about being vaccinated and of course, the poisoned lake.  If you are into this kind of thing, then this book is for you!  It just wasn’t for me.  The only reason I made it through is because I wanted to find out who-done-it.

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