To Wed an Heiress: Book Review

By: Karen Ranney

An All for Love Novel

This is a historical romance novel. This story begins at the end of the American civil war. Mercy’s grandmother and aunt had a farm in the southern states. It was burned down during the conflict. Mercy has found a way experience freedom for the first time. She decides to travel to the aid of her grandmother and aunt in Scotland where they have travelled to stay with family.  The freedom that comes with this trip is leaving a fiancé that Mercy does not want.   Mercy has told Gregory several times that she will not marry him, but he wants the money and prestige that will come by joining her family. He is refusing to listen to Mercy and is insisting she marry him.  Her father is one of the wealthy men in America.  

Lennox has been living a solitary life in Scotland in near poverty.  After losing his brother in a terrible accident, he comes home to take over the Earldom.  He gives up his education as a physician to take over the family legacy. The land that he owns abuts the land that Mercy’s family owns.  Lennox and the Macrory family have a sort of Romeo and Juliette vibe going.  Lennox brother and a Macrory daughter eloped and got into a terrible accident that resulted in their deaths. The families have not gotten along since. Lennox and Mercy have a series of run-ins and become good friends and fall in love.  Can their love survive their families?

I really enjoyed this book.  The way that the characters interact, grow to appreciate each other for who they are and fall in love is very well done.  The book was not dirty.  The main characters are not brought down by the family drama and just enjoy spending time with each other.  The story was just really sweet and enjoyable.  I would recommend the story to anyone who wants a truly sweet love story that is Romeo and Juliette-like.  There are two small sex scenes, but they were not long.  It was just a good read.

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