Avengers Endgame: Movie Review

*this is not sponsored nor is this an ad

After a long wait, Avengers Endgame has been released! I thought the movie wasn’t great. If you are expecting it to be humorous like Thor Ragnarok, you will be very disappointed. This movie was extremely depressing. They did add humor to it to help lighten the mood but it wasn’t sufficient. Not only was the humor not sufficient, but the movie left many unanswered questions. Characters (individually) were not able to get significant screen time due to the amount of characters involved in the movie. Surprising turns of event occur, as expected. The best part of the entire movie was the ending. I am not trying to spoil the movie, but significant characters die (heroically). I have read many reviews and it seems fans are split between liking and disliking this movie. Also, do not wait for the end credits – there is no video revealing a new movie (just saying) so it is a waste of 10 minutes.

Spoilers: The Unanswered Questions that Remain

Unanswered Question #1: How did this Hulk/Banner hybrid come about when Hulk refused to come out during Infinity War? This was never acknowledged. Why does Hulk/Banner hybrid use the suit when Hulk is now available?

Unanswered Question #2: How would the time travel affect the timeline? Some characters remembered events and other did not and that doesn’t make a lot of sense.

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