Social Suicide: Book Review

By: Gemma Halliday

A Deadly Cool Novel

This is book two in the “Deadly Cool Novel” series.  Hartley is back and she is on the lookout for another killer.  When Sydney was caught cheating on a test at school, she was removed from the ballot for homecoming court.  She was also dumped by her boyfriend and grounded by her parents.  When she ends up dead in her own swimming pool, everyone assumes that she has committed suicide, except for Hartley.  Hartley doesn’t think that the facts of Sydney’s death add up.  She begins investigating with the help of her best friend Sam and her new friend Chase.  Hartley uncovers some sinister high school goings on and searches for the killer.

This book is geared specifically for middle/high school teens.  There is a ton of ‘who likes who’ going on in this book. The characters of Hartley and Chase are developed more as this story continues and the chemistry between them grows.  Hartley has joined Chase as members of the High School’s online Newspaper and Hartley is writing an article about the cheating scandal. This book is also a who-done-it and there were several characters it could have been.  It wasn’t as obvious as book 1.  Overall, the book was okay.  It is definitely geared for a younger crowd.   Again, not really my usual book choice but it would be good for a young person.  There are several teen scenes in this book that include discussions about: making out, sex and relationships. This book was also a very quick read.  I read it in an afternoon.  I would say it’s a fairly simple book that is best for young teens.

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