How to – Create Pinterest Graphics using Canva!

*not an ad, nor is this sponsored

After extensive research, I saw that Canva is one of the most used online graphic design programs used by bloggers. You can create Pinterest Graphics and Instagram Highlights for FREE! Obviously, like any program, there are extras you could pay for. However, the free version will serve any person well. Especially if you take your own pictures.

This is what the Canva website will look like when you sign up
If you click on the Pinterest Graphic option, this is the screen you will see.
These are the options you have to choose from while designing your graphic. Not all items are free!
You will have many options when it comes to what type of text you desire. It is easier to choose a text style and then erase what it previously said. Be aware that not all options are free.

You can easily click and drag what you desire onto the page. If you are not a photographer, there are free pictures available as well as for purchase.

You can use just about anything on Canva. Although there are paid aspects, the free aspects are just as great. I use Canva for my blog and it is an amazing tool. I hope you found this mini-tutorial helpful.

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