Deadly Cool: Book Review

By: Gemma Halliday

Hartley has just found out that her high school boyfriend has been cheating on her with the captain of the Chastity Club.  She heads over to his house with her best friend Samantha and finds the girl dead in his closet.  Hartley doesn’t believe that he has killed this girl, even though he has been lying about the intimate nature of their relationship.  She promises her now ex-boyfriend, Josh, that she will try to find the true killer.  Hart finds an unlikely partnership with Chase, the editor of the school’s online newspaper.  Is Josh innocent?  Can Hartley and Chase find the killer?

This book is geared specifically for middle/high school teens.  There is a ton of teen angst and the growing pains that occur during the teen years.  The book was an easy reader.  It took an afternoon to read the whole thing.  Hartley and Chase have good chemistry and seem an unlikely pairing that just works.  I enjoyed the relationship between Hart and Sam.  It is what everyone wants in a best friend relationship.  The who-done-it was a surprise but at the same time it wasn’t.  There were not that many choices for culprits.  I would recommend this for a younger teen.  It was cute but fairly simple.  It does discuss topics such as, relationships, sex, teen pregnancy and of course the murder. This is not really my normal reading material but it was okay for what it was.

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