Heartless: Book Review

Mary Balogh

Lucas left home years ago after almost killing his brother in a duel.  He left his home country of England and moved to France.  In France, he built himself a fortune from nothing and became the toast of France.  He was famous for his eccentric dress and cosmetics. Now it is years later, and he has been called home due to the death of his brother.  He has now inherited a Dukedom and all its responsibilities. He is encouraged to marry.

Anna has been caring for her family since the death of her parents.  She has incurred a debt to a mysterious man.  Anna’s godmother is sponsoring her and her sister for a season of husband hunting in London.  Anna is twenty-five years old and feels that she is on the shelf and she is afraid to entertain the thought of marriage due to her debt.  However, she allows her aunt to buy her a wardrobe and she decides to enjoy her time because she believes she will remain a spinster for the rest of her life so she is going to enjoy this time to the fullest.

They meet and decide to marry.  They are not an immediate love match but they get along well and agree to remain faithful.  Then mysterious notes begin to arrive and Anna becomes more and more withdrawn.  Will they fall in love?  Who is the mystery man?

This historical romance was well written and fun to read.  In the story, Lucas is reputed to be heartless, but it is not a true representation of his character.  Both characters are fighting demons from their pasts and they do a great job building the relationship between Anna and Lucas.  I enjoyed the way their stories aligned and the way they learn to love and trust again.  I would recommend this story. It was sweet and heartwarming.  There are several sex scenes so I would not recommend it for immature audiences. 

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