What to watch: on Netflix (part 1)

Like most people nowadays, I watch Netflix. Netflix is by far one of my favorite streaming services. I have seen many of the new Netflix-Originals and new releases. Read below to find out what I suggest!

The Umbrella Academy: Review

This show starts off very weirdly, with women all over the place giving birth. These women started the day not being pregnant and ended up giving birth. This is an unusual series, however, it was surprisingly well done and fun to watch. It follows seven children who are adopted by an extremely wealthy man. After an accelerated pregnancy, the mothers sell them for money. These children have exceptional gifts and they are trained on how to use their talents. All with the exception of one child. She is considered normal by her adopted siblings. After the death of their father these children are together again for the first time in several years. They have all led their own lives and have chosen different paths. When one sibling, the time traveler, returns from the future, they must find a way to work together to save the world with their gifts.

Parks and Recreation: Review

This TV show is actually a really good show. At first, I didn’t like the show, but it grows on you as you watch it. The first couple episodes aren’t the greatest, but it helps set the show up. This show is about a group of individuals who work for the Parks and Recreation department. These individuals are friends and are very close to one another. Leslie Nope has a strong personality but she is a kindhearted and loving individual. I will warn those of you who are politically oriented – this show tends to be leftist at times. This aspect is subtle and not the main focus of the show. Leslie has such a heart for others, it makes the show worth watching.

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