Tomorrow the Glory: Book Review

By: Heather Graham

Kendall Moore is a desperate woman that is married to a cruel man.  Her husband has been rendered impotent by an illness, but he enjoys having Kendall on his arm as a proof of his manliness.  He is often mean and violent with her.  This story takes place during the Civil War and Kendall is a southern belle.  Her husband is Northerner.  She is desperate to get back to her plantation home in South Carolina, so she gets on board a Confederate ship and offers herself to the captain for her passage.

Brent is very angry with Kendall.  He believes that she purposefully set him up to die on the faithful night she got on his ship.  Kendall has recently been captured by an ally of Brent and he plans to get his revenge.  He then he has revenge sex with her and after that he decides to ask her why she appeared on his boat on that long-ago night. Her story touches his heart and he found himself feeling more and more protective of Kendall. A romance between them begins.. However, their romance can not last.  Kendall is married and the Civil War rages on.  

I was not a great fan of the beginning of this book.   Brent more or less rapes Kendall for revenge. THEN she ‘falls’ in love with him after that first night. He then goes off to war immediately and she pines for him while he fights.  He periodically comes back to Kendall and then leaves again.  The book was filled with Brent and Kendall having sex and then going their separate ways while he fights in the civil war.  The story line was pretty stupid, and this was pretty much just a sex book.  There was some story line with the abusive husband, but it was weak and just not great.  I would recommend this book if you are looking for a sex book that has a so-so story mixed in.  This is definitely not for immature audiences.

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