Can you keep a secret?: Book Review

By: Sophie Kinsella

Emma Corrigan is an average girl that has been sent on her first business trip. When the plane hits a fair amount of turbulence, Emma opens up to the man sitting next to her.  She spills all the little secrets that she has been keeping inside herself.  She never expects to see this man again, but fate has other ideas….

Jack visits his corporation, Panther Cola, and who does he run into but Emma.  Emma is the girl on the plane that told him all her secrets.  As Jack, the owner of the company, remains at this Panther location, he meets some of the subjects of Emma’s secrets.  They recognize each other and a friendship ensues.

I loved this book!  It was so funny and relatable.  It was just a very good easy read.  I love the chemistry between Emma and Jack. The book offers many laugh-out-loud moments and it was fun to read.  I enjoyed how Jack pulls Emma out of her shell and helps her to feel a sense of self-worth.  I would recommend this book highly.  It does have some adult topics and situations.

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