The Forgiving Jar: Book Review

By: Wanda E. Brunstetter

Michelle and the Lapp Grandparents are back in book 2 of The Prayer Jar series. In this installment, Michelle returns to Lancaster county and apologizes to the Lapp Grandparents.  The Lapp’s invite Michelle to stay with them while she looks for a job and is courted by Ezekiel.  The Lapp’s actual granddaughter, Sarah, also comes to stay with her grandparents in Lancaster county.  The two girls do not get along at first and are constantly in competition for the elderly couples love and affection. Then something unfortunate happens and the girls learn to appreciate each other.

Michelle also decides to join the Amish church.  Sarah is having a crisis of faith and doesn’t see herself as very religious.  Meanwhile, Brad returns to Lancaster county on break from seminary school.  He learns of Michelle’s deception and must decide whether to forgive her and how Sarah fits into his world.  

I did not enjoy this book as much as the first.  It was farfetched and unbelievable.  Michelle returns to the Lapp family after stealing their money and impersonating their granddaughter for several months and the Lapp’s only response was to immediately forgive and invite her back into their home?  I understand the premise of forgiveness throughout the story; however, the story line takes it all just a little too far. It is just not realistic.  The story also goes a little over the top with saying how ‘Christian’ everything is.  Christian music, Christian prayer, Christian bands, Christian forgiveness.  It drills it into you in an annoying fashion.  I felt like yelling at the characters in the book that we get it, they are Christian. The theme of forgiveness is also the same.  We need to forgive, you need to forgive, we need to forgive, blah blah blah.  We get it; forgiveness is important.  I am all for incorporating scripture into the storyline, but the book was preachy.  I was disappointed because I did enjoy the first book.  The first book was a little unbelievable but not to this level.  There will be a third book in this series, and I will probably read it but I hope it is more enjoyable than this one.

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