Travel Tips: Airplane!

Many people fear flying in an airplane – myself included! Today I will discuss some tips to help relieve stress while flying/preparing to fly!

First tip: arrive at the airport at least two hours early. This allows you to have enough time to get through security, find your boarding area, go to the restroom and even get a bite to eat before the flight. If you are a first time flyer, you may be shocked at how long it takes you to get through security. When exceedingly busy, it can take upwards of even an hour! This is why it is best to arrive at least two hours early.

Second tip: bring gum to chew while ascending. Shockingly enough, chewing gum while the airplane is ascending has been proven to reduce headaches. This can also allow you to focus on chewing and not the fact that you are flying extremely high in the sky.

Third tip: bring something to do. This may seem like a mom thing to say but you will want something to keep yourself occupied. Whether that be soduku or your nintendo-ds. Flight delays are a common occurrence and you will want something to do during the length of your flight. Many people choose to take naps. If this is the case, make sure you bring a travel pillow or a pillow of some sort to prevent uncomfortableness.

Fourth tip: for fellow photographers – bringing some sort of electronic device to take pictures would be a great idea. Instagram is full of awe-inducing photos from a plane. Why not take your own amazing photo?

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