The Hawaiian Discovery: Book Review

By: Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter

                This is the second book in the series.  This book continues the story of the four friends that went to Hawaii on a cruise ship and the two that became stranded there.  Ellen, Barbara, Mandy and Sadie all went together on the cruise ship, but Ellen and Mandy became stranded on the Island of Kauai.  In book one, Mandy fell in love with Ken and they moved to Indiana so that they could be closer to Mandy’s Amish family and friends.  Ken’s father has a heart attack and Mandy and Ken move back to Kauai to help care for the family chicken farm.

                They decide to stay in Kauai after some unfortunate events occur.  Then one day Ken goes out surfing with his friends and tragedy strikes. Ellen decides to return to the Island to help Mandy handle the new situations.  While on the Island, Ellen meets Rob and their friendship grows and blossoms into love.  However, there are issues with their relationship.  Ellen has joined the Amish church, but Rob is English.  Ellen will need to return to Indiana. Decisions will need to be made and secrets will come to light.. 

                I enjoyed this book more than the first.  The first book began a little slow and this book began slow as well.  They packed a lot of information in the first couple of chapters and then the true story began.  The story was slightly unrealistic but the friendship in the story is what I imagine everyone would hope for. The relationship between Ellen and Mandy is more sister-like than friend-like and I don’t believe that most friends would give up so much for one another.  

                The story line was pretty good but I wasn’t really surprised when the secret was revealed.  It was obvious what the ‘secret’ was.  I did appreciate that everything is tied up nicely at the end with a happy ending.  This is the kind of story I would read if I needed a guaranteed happy ending and a nice clean book that is not sexually explicit.

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