Definitely Dead: Book Review (Book #6)

By: Charlaine Harris

A Southern Vampire Novel

                This is the sixth installment of the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  In this story, Sookie has a new love interest, Quinn.  Quinn is an unusual kind of shifter.  He turns into a Tiger when he changes, and he is a very rare breed.  He has taken a liking to Sookie.  She is still getting over her time with Eric, but she really likes Quinn. 

                Sookie is called to New Orleans when her cousin Hadley dies the final death from her vampire life.  In the vampire world, Hadley had some stature as the queen’s lover and extra care has been taken to preserve Hadley’s apartment. While in New Orleans, Sookie meets Amelia, a witch that becomes her good friend. She helps Sookie with several issues that arise while she is in town wrapping up Hadley’s affairs. Sookie finds out that Hadley has brought her talent to the attention of the Queen vampire and the queen is interested in how she can exploit the talent. 

                This installment just sends Sookie deeper into the political side of the vampire lives. She becomes involved with the Queen and her minions.  This was probably my least favorite of the Sookie books because it does involve her with more of the political side of their species.  I don’t care much for politics.  This book does remain true to Sookie’s true humorous nature and it is still good.  It just wasn’t my favorite of them all so far.  With more characters added the story still continues flawlessly.  They are easy to remember and easy to get to know.  She builds personalities and describes everyone in a way that you can ‘see’ them in your head.  Overall, it was good and I look forward to the next novel.  I would like to see how everything turns out for Sookie.

                Again, this is not a book for immature audiences.  There are several sexual references and detailed sex scenes. 

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