The Hawaiian Quilt

By: Wanda E. Brunstetter and Jean Brunstetter

                Mandy has always been interested in the Hawaiian Islands.  She has been saving for a long time to make the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii.  Together with her three best friends, she sets out on a cruise.  The friends, Mandy, Sadie, Ellen and Barbara, split up to see the sights off the cruise ship.  Mandy and Ellen end up missing the cruise ship and are stuck on the island of Kauai.  There they meet a wonderful Christian couple that takes them into their bed and breakfast.  While staying with the couple, the husband is injured, and the girls stay on the island to help run the inn while he recovers. The others continue on the cruise until its completion home.

                Mandy had left behind a boyfriend, Gideon, that was hoping she would join the Amish church and marry him.  However, while on the island Mandy meets Ken and she discovers that her feelings for Gideon may not be as strong as she first believed. Mandy struggles with the feeling of wanting to remain on the island instead of returning to her home in Indiana.  Ellen is also on the island.  She has no desire to stay and she is very homesick.  Meanwhile, Barbara has arrived home and finds that she may be interested in Gideon, but she struggles with her friendship to Mandy since she knows that they were a couple.

                This story was a little slow to start and told a lot about the things the girls were seeing at each stop.  It seemed that it went on just a little too long. Once on Kauai, the story took off.  It was engaging reading about the conflicts that Mandy and Ellen felt toward the islands and their community in Indiana. Mandy and her romance with Ken was sweet and very rated G.  It was interesting reading a story that brought the Amish girls out of the Amish community and how they conformed to the English ways and how they did not conform. It was a different take on the usual Amish story.  I really enjoyed the descriptions of the Bed and Breakfast owners and how they took the girls in and treated them like family.  I would recommend this book.  It was good and moved quickly after the first couple of chapters.  It is very mild and there is nothing bad in it.

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