Mary Poppins Returns: Movie Review

Disney Mary Poppins Returns


This weekend my family watched the new Mary Poppins Returns brought to us by Disney Studios.  In this movie, Michael and Jane Banks are back!  Michael has recently been widowed and he is raising his three children with Jane’s help. Michael’s children have had to grow up very quickly with the death of their mother and they have turned into little adults.  Michael himself had taken out a loan on his family home and has fallen behind on the payments. Mary Poppins returns to help the Banks family handle their new situations and to help the children find joy again.  The children enjoy many adventures with the Nanny while Jane and Michael try to locate financial information to save the family home.

This movie was very well done.  I will admit that I had my doubts because the first Mary Poppins was much beloved, however, I was proven wrong.  This movie was excellent.  It kept with the feel of the first movie. It includes mentions of several of the popular original characters.  It continued with the Banks family and included a couple great cameo appearances.  The songs were catchy and pleasing.  My children enjoyed the song and dance sequences. I love how it builds the family relationship and has a happy ending.  I also appreciate how Disney did not change the feel of the movie.  It did not include any political non-sense or push any agendas.  It was just an over-all family friendly movie.  I would recommend it for an amazing family-night movie.

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