Dead as a Doornail: Book Review (Book #5)

By: Charlaine Harris

A Southern Vampire Novel

                This is the fifth installment in the Sookie Stackhouse novels. Sookie has sunk even deeper into the supernatural world.  Now the supernatural world is related to her.  Jason was bitten by a werepanther several times in the last novel.  In this novel, Jason is about to face his first full-moon since the bites occurred.  Sookie is now related to the werepanthers in that little out of the way town, Hot Shot, when Jason partially turns into a panther himself.  The leader of the werepanthers, Calvin, still has his sights set on Sookie and hopes to make a match of it.

                Eric has now regained his memory of the time before lived with Sookie.  However, he does not remember any of the time he suffered from amnesia or anything that happened during that time.  That means that he does not remember their romance.  It is sad for Sookie but it may be better in the end.  Now Sookie waits to see if Eric will recover those memories or if they are gone forever.

                The fifth novel is a continuation of storyline.  If you are a fan of all the other books, you will love this one.  The humor and lightheartedness continue.  Even with new characters entering the story, it is still easy to follow and fun to read.  I love how Sookie’s boss, Sam, sticks by her through it all.  It is fun to see how the characters of Jason and Eric react to their new situations. Sookie remains one of my favorite fictional characters.  She is fun, real and just very funny.

                This story also includes many adult themes.  Including sex, innuendos and some homosexual references.

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