Dead to the World: Book Review (Book #4)

By: Charlaine Harris

A Southern Vampire Novel

                This is the forth book in the Sookie Stackhouse novels.  Sookie still retains her powers of telepathy and she is sinking deeper and deeper into the supernatural world.  In this novel, Sookie finds Eric the vampire after he is cursed by a witch.  Eric has no memory of anything.  She is elected by the other vampires to care for the memory deprived Eric for a price.  She learns a different side of the powerful vampire that is rarely seen.  Sookie also learns that there are more supernaturals residing in Bon Temps than she realizes.  Witches are real and they become a real problem in this installment of the Sookie novels.

                Sookie’s brother, Jason, also goes missing and it is up to Sookie to find him.  She involves the help of the police department, but they are not very motivated to help a troublemaker like Jason.  The existence of WerePanthers near Bon Temps is also brought to Sookies attention and she is courted by the leader. She handles all of these things concurrently throughout the story.

                I enjoyed this novel.  It continues in the same vein as the previous Sookie novels.  The author incorporates humor and caring into her characters.  The characters are likable and endearing.  As the author incorporates new people into the story, they are necessary and easily memorable.  These books are such an easy read.  I like the way the characters are built and given depth.  In this book, it was nice to see a softer side of Eric. The relationship between Eric and Sookie was a long time coming.  It makes you want to see how the relationship will play out and how the witches will affect the characters.

                I didn’t really feel too bad about Jason’s disappearance.  However, I felt bad for Sookie because Jason is her only living relative.  Jason’s character is one you love to shake your head at, he is just a hot mess.

                This book is not intended for young readers.  There is a good amount of sex and innuendos. If you would like an easy reader with a lot of humor, this is the book for you!

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