The Widow: Book Review

By: Fiona Barton

                This Novel is a kidnapping mystery. Two-year-old Bella has disappeared, and Glen Taylor is the main suspect in her disappearance. Glen has just died, and his wife Jean can let all out the secrets that she has been holding onto. The secrets have been stacking up for the last few years.  The book goes back in time and begins with Bella’s kidnapping. Glen has this hold over Jean, and she spends her days trying to be supportive while the accusations add up.  Meanwhile, it is discovered that Glen has a proclivity for child pornography.  The story is told by showing a different perspective with each chapter. One chapter will be the view of the widow and the next by the view of the detective. There are other suspects but the public and the police believe that Glen is their man.  There is a trial and the search for young Bella heats up.

                The jacket of this book does not say anything about the kidnapping or the child pornography angle.  It was disturbing to listen to this on audiobook.  The details of the kidnapping, porn and the despair of the family are heartbreaking to hear.  If I had known that the book was about this topic, I probably would not have chosen to listen to it.  I thought the book was about secrets within a marriage and what that means to be married for a long time.  This was not what I was expecting.  That being said, I had to know what happened to Bella.  I got invested in the outcome. I had to listen and see what happened to her.  It was frustrating because you were unsure if Glen was being accused and the real kidnapper was out there or if he really did it.  You never know if Jean was in on it or not.  If these topics do not bother you, then this is an engrossing mystery.  It is an edge of your seat story.  It will keep you guessing and praying for Bella to the end.

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