Club Dead: Book Review (Book #3)

By: Charlaine Harris

A Sookie Stackhouse Novel

                Sookie Stackhouse is back at it!  She has been slowly sinking deeper into the world of the supernatural.  Her vampire X-boyfriend Bill has gone missing and his boss Eric enlists Sookie to go looking for him.  Sookie is tasked with accompanying a Warewolf into a supernatural club in order to use her gift of telepathy to ‘listen’ into the minds of the people in the club to see if she hears any news of Bill.  While Sookie is on her mission she is drawn into some relationship issues between the her new Warewolf escort and his old girlfriend.  She is also dealing with Eric and his strong attraction to her.

                Sookie finds herself dealing with many vampire politics.  She is learning that vampires have kings and queens and what their place is in the vampire world.  She is stuck in a sticky situation when some werewolves are sent to kidnap her and one of them ends up dead.  Sookie is finding her way through the supernatural world with a few bumps thrown in.

                I really enjoyed this book.  Charlaine Harris places so much humor in the story that you can not help but like Sookie and you find yourself rooting for her throughout the book. I like that the story flows easily and is easy to follow. The storyline is very enjoyable, and I look forward to reading the next book in the series.  I would highly recommend this series!

                I would caution that the story is not for immature audiences.  There are several sex scenes and innuendos.  There are some homosexual scenes and the obvious vampire bloodletting.   

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