The Closers: Book Review

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By: Michael Connelly

A Bosch Novel

                After a long three years of retirement, Harry Bosch is back at the Los Angeles Police Department.  He has been rehired by the department with the sole purpose of working on cold cases. The fist case that he is given involves a teenage girl that was murdered seventeen years ago.  Bosch and his female partner Ryder review the case in its entirety. They discover that several mistakes were made with the initial investigation.     

                Bosch and his partner discover some police corruption and missing evidence.  However, they now have DNA evidence that was never entered into the computer because the case was so old.  They expect the evidence to blow the case wide open, but things are not always what they seem.  Bosch and his partner must revisit everything related to the case to find the long ago killer.

                This was a good mystery novel.  I really enjoyed the interplay between Bosch and Ryder.  I love how Bosch is an old-school detective that believes in knocking on doors and following the evidence.  The mystery of who killed the girl was well done and the book ended with a surprise.   This is my first Bosch novel and it made me interested in reading others.  Overall, it was a good read.

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