Items I cannot live without

Everyone has items they “cannot live without” so today I will be sharing mine!

  1. Chapstick
    1. My favorite “flavor” is Candy Cane. The holiday flavor makes you feel minty fresh! I always bring my chapstick with me anywhere I go because I always seem to need to use it!
  2. Mascara
    1. I love to keep my mascara in my purse. It’s my favorite makeup item (definitely an essential to any makeup look). Mascara makes my eyelashes stand out and look phenomenal.
  3. Sweaters
    1. Everyone needs some nice, soft sweaters! (American Eagle sweaters are amazing). It is nice to have sweaters when winter comes around! They keep you warm and can make you look stylish.
  4. My planner
    1. I love remaining organized. I like knowing what I need to do and what is on the horizon. This is extremely helpful when planning posts for my blog!
  5. Water bottle
    1. I always make sure I am drinking enough water (It’s important to stay hydrated). And you can’t go wrong with a cute water bottle.

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