Diary of an Accidental Wallflower: Book Review

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By: Jennifer McQuiston

The seduction diaries

                Lady Clare is enjoying the Season and searching for a husband.  She has her sights set on the heir-apparent to a dukedom.  Then disaster strikes.  While walking in the park with her younger siblings feeding geese,swa she sees the duke in question coming.  She is not dressed appropriately for being seen in public, so she dives behind a bush to hide.  Lady Clare suffers a horrible ankle sprain but decides to try and soldier on at ball.

                Dr. Merial notices Clare limping and favoring her damaged ankle at the ball and offers to examine it for her.  She begrudgingly allows the doctor to examine the damage with her mother present.  Her mother engages the doctor’s services to continue checking on the progress of Clare’s healing for several visits.  During these appointments, Clare and the doctor begin to get to know one another and appreciate their common interests.  They slowly fall in love.

                They are not in the same social circle and their love can not be.  Clare tries to deny her interest in Dr. Daniel Merial but cannot seem to forget him.  Daniel attempts to dissuade Clare from further interest because he feels he is unworthy of her love. Then scandal hits.  Clare finds out some hard truths about her family and herself.  Will their love survive?

                The story was pretty good.  The main characters, Clare and Daniel, were well matched and complimented each other.  I would recommend the story for anyone who enjoys reading stories about the London season and titled gentry.  It gives a lot of information about the divide between the classes. The expectations of Lords and Ladies to marry well and the way marrying below your station could ruin a family’s reputation.  The story is easy to read and follow.  The characters are flawed and can be endearing.  I liked the story line.  It is not an intellectually challenging book to read.

                I would caution against immature audiences reading this book.  There are several innuendos and some sexually charged wording.  It does have a couple of sex scenes that are not appropriate for younger readers.

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