Dead Until Dark: Book Review

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By: Charlaine Harris

A Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire Mystery

                What if you learned that the world was different from anything you could have imagined? Sookie is living in this kind of world.  Vampires are real and they are now considered regular citizens with all the rights of average human beings.  Sookie herself is unusual and not just a ‘normal’ person.  She has a unique gift of telepathy.  She has always been able to read the minds of those around her. She plays the role of a simpleton to make those around her more comfortable. Sookie is very excited when she discovers that she can not easily read the minds of the vampires.  It is a relief that she doesn’t have to guard her mind when they are around. She begins dating the new vampire in town, Bill. 

                This is not the only surprise for Sookie.  When she becomes involved with Bill, she is entered in the world of the supernatural.  All of a sudden, she has the interest of a vampire leader and it is a trial for her. She discovers things about people she has known her whole life. She can now see her neighbors in a different light with all the new information available to her.  While Sookie is learning how to navigate the new world, a string of murders occurs.  Sookie’s brother, Jason, is suspected and it is up to Sookie to listen in to conversations around her to try and find the true killer. 

                This is a great story.  I love how they include so much humor into the storyline. The people are likable, and it is just enjoyable to listen to.  I like the interplay between Sookie, her boss Sam, and her new love interest, Bill. I like how you never know what they are going to come out with next. It was a well-done vampire story and it makes you anxious to know what is going to happen next.  I look forward to reading the sequel.

                The book does include several sex scenes and sexually charged innuendos.  I would not recommend this story for immature audiences.

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