Hidden: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray

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                What would it take for you to leave everything you know behind? Anna, an English girl, has been feeling out of place in her life for as long as she can remember.  She has had a string of short-lived jobs and relationships.  When she meets Rob, she believes that all her prayers have been answered.  However, Rob becomes controlling and begins to abuse her.  She realizes that she was placing value on all the wrong things, such as money and social standing.  She knows that Rob will never let her go so she decides to hide out with her best friend, Katie.

                Katie, an Amish girl, and Anna have been friends for several years.  Their unorthodox relationship has always been very strong. When Katie hears about Anna’s plight, her family offers her a room and a disguise.  Anna begins to dress as the Amish do and she takes on chores around the Bed and Breakfast Katie’s family owns.  She unexpectedly begins to fall for Katies brother Henry.  Henry and Anna share an undeniable attraction but as long as she is English and he is Amish, it can never be.  Meanwhile, Rob is searching for Anna, she knows information about him that can be dangerous to his livelihood.  Will he find her?

                The story was well done and fun to read.  You find yourself hoping that Anna and Henry will find a way to make it work.  Rob is portrayed as a convincing villain and you really hate him throughout the book.  Throughout the story, you know that eventually there will need to be confrontation between Anna and Rob, you just don’t know when it is coming.  I really enjoyed reading about the friendship between Anna and Katie.  It was nice how their different backgrounds did not make a difference to how they interacted and cared for one another.

                I would caution readers that there are scenes in the story that describe Rob hitting or slapping Anna. There are also further threats if she does not do what she is told.  Some of these scenes may not be appropriate for immature audiences.  Overall, it was very well-done and I would read it again.

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