Why Kill the Innocent: Book Review

By: C.S. Harris

A Sebastian St. Cyr Mystery

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This is another Sebastian St. Cyr mystery book.  In this story, Jane, a music teacher is murdered and found by Sebastian’s wife Hero.  There are several different suspects that all may have reasons to kill the unfortunate Jane. 

I listened to this on audiobook.  The story line is fascinating and goes into true history of 1800’s London.  Real historical facts are used in this fiction to tell the story behind Janes murder.  They mentioned the Frost Fair that happened during this time as well as the oppression that women often faced.

I enjoyed the story and I couldn’t guess the culprit.  It is a hard story to summarize because there are so many different characters and situations within this book.  This is a book that you really need to pay close attention to or you may have difficulty following how all the characters relate. The history contained in the story is so in-depth and rich that it is hard to summarize without losing some of the context. 

I would recommend the story for anyone who loves a good historical mystery.  I would recommend paying close attention to all the characters and how they relate to one another or the story will not make much sense.  Overall, this was a good historical mystery.

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