The Walking Dead : A Review

To whom it may concern,

I would like to start by stating the intent of this letter.  The purpose is to discuss changes that have been made to the show The Walking Dead and explore how these changes have affected its fanbase. Also, to inform the producers about audience reactions to these changes. The Walking Dead has been a fan-favorite for many years. Due to recent decisions made by the producers, the fan base has begun to drastically decrease. Many believe the choices the show made is creating a downward spiral for this amazing television series. These choices will be described and suggestions will be given. I would hate to see the end of this show after it’s amazing success.

Starting with the most recent

  1. Rick Grimes – Since Andrew Lincoln has left the show, his character is no longer featured. I think it is a mistake on the shows part that Rick is still living. I think it was a mistake that he left in the first place ,however, it would have been more suitable for his character to leave the show with a bang (literally and figuratively). I don’t see how he can effectively be “added” back in for an episode at a later date. He would leave Michhone after discovering that she has had his child? Would he magically appear when they are struggling to survive? I do not think his “return”, if he does, would be effective or suitable for the storyline that is now The Walking Dead.
  2. Maggie’s never-ending pregnancy – Another mistake that has bothered many viewers was the fact that they didn’t even show a baby bump when Maggie was pregnant! She went from a flat tummy to all of a sudden giving birth. It doesn’t make sense and has generally annoyed and bothered viewers.
  3. Carol – Carol’s storyline has been a rollercoaster from the start. She has endured several different tragedies that have affected her character throughout. The death of her daughter as well has her relationship with her first husband have had an impact on her. With each tragedy she has grown and become harder and more self- reliant.  Recently, her character/personality has drastically changed. Frankly, Carol isn’t Carol anymore. All of a sudden she is super sensitive and soft. She is turning into a Gramma and not the Carol that we all know and love. It has become increasingly difficult to support her character due to the changes that have occurred.
  4. Adding more people – The show would’ve been better if it remained focused on the main characters. Adding countless new characters seems pointless at this point in the show. We are on season 9, not season 1. Having read the comics ,obviously the addition of Negan and the Whispers is expected, but adding an entire group after Rick dies? Does not make sense and does not positively contribute to the show.
  5. Judith – The time jump, according to many fans, was poorly executed. I understand the need to increase Judith’s age to make her character more relevant to the show. However, it was done in a manner that was not satisfying in any way. The time jump itself was concerning.  Its seems as if ten years have passed. Judith was a toddler and is now portrayed as approximately ten years of age. It leaves us wondering how her childhood was and how/if she was trained to survive their new reality. In general, it leaves too many unanswered questions.
  6. Michonne – I have seen on various social media sites that Dinia Guaria will be leaving the show. I cannot see how this can be done without losing more of the fan base. Michonne just had Rick’s child and has adopted Judith as her own.  The question becomes what will happen to the children? Will Daryl take on the task of raising these children? If Michonne is going to be killed off, it needs to be done in a spectacular way, One worthy of her character.
  7. Carl’s Death – This was a major mistake.  In the comics, Carl becomes one of the main characters. It lead the fans to believe that he was going to be Rick’s amazing successor. Then Carl dies of a zombie bite?  It was not well done and again, not a suitable end for his character.

I am a big fan of The Walking Dead. I have been a fan for years, and I am still a fan today! A few years ago, I got the opportunity to attend Walker-Stalker-Con! I met some of the actors (which was amazing!). I am hoping to make fan’s feelings known to make the show even more successful!

Readers, If you would like to share your thoughts feel free to comment! What do you love about this show? What do you think they can improve?

Thank you!


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