Forgiven: Book Review

By: Shelley Shepard Gray

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                This book takes place between the Amish community and the English world.  It follows several different story lines that all intersect each other.  The story shows how the Amish community is very tight knit and how their lives are intertwined.

                Winnie Lundy lives with her brother Jonathan.  One-night Winnie wakes up to find his barn on fire.  She runs out and tries to help Jonathan put out the fire and save the animals.  In the process she suffers severe burns to her legs and a broken foot.  A friend of the family, Eli, goes with Winnie to the hospital while her brother stays behind to handle the fire.  Eli cannot stay at the hospital to care for Winnie because he needs to till his fields for planting.  Eli’s brother, Samuel who has forsaken the Amish ways and has become English, lives near the hospital and offers to visit/care for Winnie.  Samuel and Winnie knew each other from their younger school days and become close during this time.

                David is a lonely teenage boy.  He set the fire on accident but doesn’t know how to confess or if even if he should confess.  He is worried about his extremely strict fathers’ reaction.

                Anna is new to Amish life and she is preparing for her wedding. She is struggling with the decision to continue with the wedding or cancel it considering the fiery tragedy.

                All the lives intersect, and the bonds of community affect each of these lives.  Will Winnie leave Amish life for Samuel?  Will Samuel leave English life for Winnie?  Will Anna have the wedding?  What will happen to David while he suffers with his guilt?

                This book was sweet.  It reminds us that the Amish are human and make the same mistakes that people in the world at large make.  The characters struggle with their desire to do right and the struggle with God’s plan for their lives.  The story lines all meld together nicely and you can really see the strong connections that the families have to one another. There are lessons on forgiveness and honesty woven into the story line.  The Amish way of life is described well and is not overdone.  The struggles the characters face is relatable. I would recommend this book for anyone that enjoys a sweet romance with a little bit of intrigue thrown in.

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