The Gift: Book Review

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By: Shelley Shepard Gray

The Amish of Hart County

                The Schwartz family has recently moved to Hart County from Ohio.  Since moving into their new farm house, they have experienced a series of vandalisms. 

Suzanna Schwartz is out for a buggy ride when her horse is spooked by what Suzanna believes to be hunters.  She ends up with a concussion on the side of the road, when Neil Vance comes along and saves her life.   She formally meets Neil at church a few weeks after the accident. They realize that Suzanna has moved into the farm house that Neil’s family lost due to debt. At first, Neil and everyone else at church, blame the Schwartz family for the Vance family’s misfortunes.  They are treated terribly and ignored by many families. The community slowly begins to come around.  Neil feels bad for how he mistreated Suzanna when she thanked him for saving her life.  They form an unlikely friendship that slowly grows.  Unfortunately, the vandalisms cause a several serious issues for the Schwartz family.  They realize that someone does not want them there.  But who?  And why?

This was an easy reader book.  The story flows very well, and the characters are very likable.  I enjoyed the story line and felt bad for the characters when tragedy struck.  It was very enjoyable to see how Neil and Suzanna grow into a couple and overcome their obstacles.  Both families are imperfect, and it is interesting to see how they deal with their imperfections.  I would definitely recommend this book to anyone craving a sweet little Amish romance.

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