How to save money shopping (and apps that can help):

The links used in this post are NOT affiliate! These links are available so you can easily sign up for these apps if you desire. I tried to make this process even easier for ya’ll.

As many moms know, saving money while shopping is an amazing thing! Why not save money and/or get more for your money? People nowadays don’t carry around wallets full of coupons, instead they carry their phones with digital coupons. Digital coupons that can be used on the go are very helpful. I recommend RetailMeNot! RetailMeNot has quite the variety of coupons and some can be used in-store and online! You can save the coupons you want to use in your virtual wallet!

For those who love crafts and DIY projects- I have some insider tips and tricks! JoAnn Fabrics, Michaels and Ac Moore all take competitor coupons! Meaning: if you have a 70% off coupon to JoAnn and want to use it at Michaels, YOU CAN! And if you have the apps on your phone, you can get notified when sales are occurring. If you choose, you can also get coupons in the app or through your email!

For “money back” I suggest Ibotta, Fetch Rewards and Checkout51. I did a lot of research and you can use all three apps to earn “money back”. Earning will take a while, if I am honest, but it is worthwhile! You can send your Ibotta money to Paypal or put it towards a gift card (once 20$ minimum is reached)! For Fetch Rewards, you can submit a picture of your receipt and you can get “points” which can later transfer into money! If you refer someone, sometimes they have a deal where you can get 3,000 points! Checkout51 is mainly used for grocery shopping for specific items. Some items are everyday things you would buy (ex: mac and cheese) or things you rarely buy (ex: ben and jerry’s ice cream). Although these apps take a while to gain “money back” they are nice to have. Why not get “money back” while you are spending as well?

I hope this has been helpful! Happy Shopping Ya’ll!

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