All the Little Liars: Book Review

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“All the Little Liars” By: Charlaine Harris

An Aurora Teagarden Mystery

                This story begins with Aurora announcing her recent wedding to Robin Crusoe and announcing their pregnancy.  Her younger half-brother Philip has recently moved in with the newlywed couple due to some serious issues with his parents. Everything seems to be going well for the little family when tragedy strikes.  Several local children have gone missing, including Philip.  Aurora is trying to balance her fear for Philip with her fear for her unborn child. 

                Several previously unknown problems within Aurora’s family comes to light.  Her father has some serious gambling debts and Philips mother is missing.  The children that are missing have issues of their own to deal with which brings an additional element of suspense.  Three of the children are best friends and are expected to be together.  However, one of the missing children is only eleven years old.  Aurora begins to question all the information that has been provided to her and she begins to search for her brother on her own. 

                This book was well written and very enjoyable.  There were several unexpected twists and turns that will keep you guessing.  The descriptions of Auroras days after Philip goes missing is very realistic and it makes you think about how the days continue even during tragedy.  This is a typical Aurora Teagarden mystery that continues to build on Auroras life and builds on what you already know about her life.  It is nice to see her character grow and find love and build her family.

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