Trusting Grace: Book Review

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The novel, “Trusting Grace” by Maggie Brendan.  This story follows Robert and Grace.  Robert has recently been widowed and inherits three children that his wife had never mentioned to him.  After losing his farm, he arrives in Bozeman and begins to work for Grace on her potato farm. 

Grace was widowed three years ago and lives on her husband’s potato farm with her sick father.  She has always wanted children and quickly falls in love with Robert’s adopted children.

This book is kind of slow and the romance between Robert and Grace seems to drag on forever.  The best part of the story is seeing how Robert bonds with the children, but it just seems really slow.  The book includes a lot of inspirational scripture verses and reminds us that God’s timing is best.  I would recommend this as a ‘read before bed’ kind of book.  It is very rated G throughout.  However, there is one almost rape scene that does not go into details.  This is one book in the VIRTUES AND VICES OF THE OLD WEST series.

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