What is my favorite outdoor activity? (with tips!)

One of my favorite outdoor activities is hiking. As you have seen on my instagram, I love to hike. Not only is it great exercise, but the outdoors is so beautiful. For those who want excellent outdoor content – hiking may be for you. The views you get from hiking up a mountain are breathtaking. Seeing what you have accomplished makes you feel very successful. One tip I would suggest is bringing a healthy snack with you. The best kind would be fruit. We typically bring oranges because they are refreshing. As stated in an iCarly episode, It’s a drink and a snack (iGo Nuclear Episode)! Another tip I suggest is making sure that you have plenty of water. Hiking can be exhausting and remaining hydrated is crucial. My final tip would be to bring a camera of some sort. You don’t need a fancy, high tech camera. You can use your phone! If you are hiking a mountain, you will want to get pictures of your view atop the mountain!

Happy Exercising!

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