His Guilt: Book Review

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“His Guilt” By: Shelley Shepard Gray

                Years have gone by since Mark walked the streets in the neighborhood where he grew up. His return home has been made more difficult since he was previously accused of attacking a woman.  Even though he was cleared of all charges, no one in Hart county seems to have forgiven him for the alleged attack.  He must endure whispers and accusations from everyone who still believes he was guilty.

                Waneta works at the nursery, Blossoms and Blooms, and when Mark is hired, she is a little nervous due to all the rumors. After a sermon on forgiveness, Waneta and her family decide to give Mark a chance.  They discover that he is a very good man.  However, when another woman is attacked, their faith in Mark is tested.

                Mark is also having to handle the reappearance of his brother Calvin.  Calvin left home at fourteen and Mark has not seen him in years.  He is in trouble and wants Mark to sell the family home and give him the money.  As things in Hart county heat up, more attacks, the reemergence of Calvin and the new romance between Waneta and Mark, will Hart county give Mark the benefit of the doubt?

                This book was well written, and the characters were well developed.  I enjoyed the relationship between Waneta and Mark and how it progressed.  It gave a lot of back story for Calvin.  I wish that the story was more about Mark himself and less about Calvin.  It takes away from Marks story.

                The attitudes and actions of the Amish people in the book were very human.  I could see anyone being weary of a person that had been under those kinds of accusations.  The fact that she portrays the Amish folk having a hard time coming to terms with Marks return makes the story more realistic.  They are not represented as holier than thou.  The way it is presented shows that we are all human and that forgiveness is a gift that does not always come easily. 

I would recommend this story for anyone who likes a dash of mystery with a sweet romance.  There are some violent scenes when the attacks are described.

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