Last Girl Gone: Book Review

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In the book, “Last Girl Gone” by J.G. Hetherton.  This book follows Laura Chambers a former writer for the Boston Globe. Laura returns to her home town, Hillsborough NC, after being fired from her position at the Globe.  With the help of a source, Laura begins to research a string of missing girls from the past.  During her research, she becomes obsessed with the case and continues searching even after the local authorities and her boss at the paper suggest she stop. As another child goes missing, the search intensifies, and Laura finds connections that no one else believes.

This book was amazing.  There were a couple of chapters that were slow but important. I read a ton of books and this book was very surprising.  I never would have guessed the ending.  It has a lot of unexpected twists and turns.  I would not recommend this book for anyone that will be upset with the topic of child abduction and abuse. Overall it was a great read!

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