Her Fear: Book Review

“Her Fear” By: Shelley Shepard Gray

                This is a different kind of Amish story.  Sadie is a young Amish girl who finds out that she is pregnant by her long-time beau.  When she tells her boyfriend that she is pregnant, he denies that it is his baby.  She then tells her abusive parents and they believe her boyfriend and disown her.  She is then sent away to live with relatives that she has never met.  The relatives take her in but there is a secret hanging over the house that Sadie is not privy to.  When Sadie’s Aunt collapses and the EMT’s are called, Noah, an Amish EMT, comes to the house and can feel the tension. He is immediately taken with Sadie, he befriends her and begins to court her.  Secrets come to light and Noah must decide how he should handle the information.  Noah knows that Sadie is full of fear, and he wants to help.  When he learns that Sadie is pregnant, he has some big decisions to make.

                I really enjoyed the story line.  It was refreshing that the Amish man in the story had a job that did not involve farming.  The author does a great job including the Amish aspects into the story without getting preachy about their way of life and how it differs from ‘Englisher’s’.  The writing makes you feel connected to the characters and has you invested in Sadie and Noah’s relationship. The book was never boring and keeps you interested throughout. 

                I think that the book would be good for most audiences.  There are a couple of domestic violence references, but they are not involved and are mostly vague. Overall a very good read.

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