Hope Jar: Book Review

“The Hope Jar”, by Wanda E. Brunstetter.  In this story, Sara Murray loses her mother to colon cancer.  Her mother leaves her a note and address to her grandparents home in Lancaster County Pennsylvania.  Sara writes to her grandparents and lets them know about their daughters passing and that she would like to meet them.  Her Amish grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Lapp, misread the letter and arrive at the train station for the expected visit earlier than expected.  They see a young woman who looks like their daughter and assume it is Sara. 

Michelle is approached at the bus station by an Amish couple mistaking her for the granddaughter they have never met, Sara.  She is down on her luck, homeless and running from an abusive boyfriend so she goes with the Amish couple pretending to be Sara, planning to stay for just a couple of days.  Michelle who has had a rough history, falls in love with her fake Amish grandparents.  She struggles with her deception to this wonderful Amish couple.

This book was such an easy read.  The writing is smooth and clear.  The story line makes you fall in love with the Lapp family and it is easy to understand the love Michelle feels for her pretend grandparents. I enjoyed the explanations of Amish life and customs.

There was a brief domestic violence scene in the beginning but it helps to build understanding for Michelle’s motives and desperation.  This is the first book in “The Prayer Jar” series.  The next book is set to come out in February of 2019.

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