Dare you to LIE: Book Review

“Dare you to Lie” by Amber Lynn Natusch.  This story follows Kylene Danners, a high school senior whose former FBI father has been convicted of murder.  After his conviction Kylene must move in with her grandfather.  She left this town two years ago due to a scandal involving the high school football team and naked pictures of her plastered over the internet. This town is big into its football team and adores its players.

Kylene has two goals while living in this town that she hates. They include finding out who took the humiliating photos of her two years ago and  proving her father’s innocence. During this book, Kylene finds out that a lot of the things she thought were true, were not as they seemed. People that should be trusted, cannot be.

The story is intended for more of a high school/early college audience. It includes a lot of teenage angst and a good majority of the scenes take place in the high school.  This who-done-it was very well written and hard to put down.  You want to find out who took the pictures and who framed her father.  This is the first in this series.  No information is available on when the next book is set to be released.

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