The Stranger Game: Book Review

The novel, “The Stranger Game” by Peter Gadol. This was a unique story that brings the world of social media into our reality. In this story Rebecca’s sometime, long-time, ex-boyfriend Ezra goes missing. It is discovered that he has been playing a new hit game called ‘the stranger game’. The rules of the game seem simple, follow a stranger and do not be seen and no contact.

After Ezra disappears, Rebecca begins to play the game. She wants to discover the why this would appeal to Ezra, and where he could have gone. During her time playing the game, she meets another player and begins to move on from Ezra’s disappearance. However, things are not always that clear cut. Players have begun to change the rules and people are not always what they seem. This book gives us a lot to think about. It is Facebook/Instagram in the real world. It brings to light the divide between what we see and reality.

The book was well written and makes you really think about how we tie together with others and the connections that we make. It was a good read but not something I would read twice. There are a couple of sex scenes in the book, but they are brief and not graphic. I would have a parent read it before allowing their child to, so they can judge if they are mature enough.

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